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  • Your Guide to Becoming a Respected Naturist Photographer

    Your Guide to Becoming a Respected Naturist Photographer
    Respect always come as a result of how good we carry ourselves in the midst of other. Thus earning respect is not something that just come from nowhere but it must be cultivated day in day out. Mostly, respect always go hand in hand with trust and the two are inseparable. Thus if anyone is privileged to be in a position of being trusted to take different individuals pictures while naked , such a person should always know how to carry him or herself to maintain that good relationship with his or her clients. The following are some of the important key factors one should consider to become a good naturist photographer:
    1. Get approval from your subject and for the case of a very young children from their parent.Never at any time force anyone to let you take their photograph while they are naked or otherwise. That is, if a parent wish their child to be taken photo while they are naked or with a light cloth, always learn to respect their decisions. When phot[...]
  • Tips on How You Can Love Your Naked Nature as a Nudist

    Tips on How You Can Love Your Naked Nature as a Nudist
    So many people are still struggling to accept who they are. And with the help of the textiles, they have developed that wrong attitude toward their own body. This is very dangerous to any human being since with this kind of fear it’s very hard to accomplish much in one life. Most of us, especially females cannot afford to look themselves in the mirror and agree that they are fearfully and wonderfully created. This is because; they have lived a life of self-denial. With this, a lot of people are always ashamed of their nudity, and they cannot stand naked even in front of their spouse. Due to this, there has been a lot of problems in many marriages as partners live a life of mistrust. If you cannot trust your partner with your body that means that you are not ready to trust them with anything else. According to research carried out, loving being naked can be difficult especially if one does not like her/his body or they have a low self-confidence. It’s not hard to change on how one [...]
  • Shed Your Clothes To Become The Perfect Marketing Genius!

    Shed Your Clothes To Become The Perfect Marketing Genius!
    In marketing, nudity is the most effective and the strongest selling tool for any product. A good relationship between nudity and marketing is one of the winning combination for most of the businesses one may intend to start. It is also very critical to be aware of the relationship between nudity and the product you intend to market. This is because, some of the products one may be intending to market do not at any level related to nudity. Failure to have a better relationship between nudity and the product you are intending to market, one  will be risking putting off potential customers. The idea of using nudity in marketing is not something that just started the other day. Nudity was still used in advertising products back in early 1880s e.g. in the sale of tobacco where a nude picture was put on the packet cover. This idea is still operational up to date. To understand the relationship that exist between the human mind and adverts, we need to consider evolution aspect. A hum[...]