Nudity can easily be Acceptable if only Nudists can send the Right Message to the Society

Nudity can easily be Acceptable if only Nudists can send the Right Message to the Society

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Something that you can never doubt in this world is the power of information. Especially the word of mouth that people keep passing on to each other is always very powerful in passing a message. When this message comes from somebody that you trust the highest probability is that you are going to believe whatever it is they tell you.

In a world that is advanced regarding technology passing information from one point to another has become very easy. People can communicate with each other globally. This means that the role that communication plays in building the world has improved significantly. Somebody has an idea that impacts the lives of people in other places of the world can have their idea shared very easily and widely so that it can benefit many people.

Everybody is born naked and therefore what this means is that nudity is a part of our life in this world. Nobody came into this world in a Gucci outfit and expensive jewelry on them no matter how great they are or they may want to prove to be with. In fact, our original brand is the birthday suit that we were given by God free of charge. Going by this, we are supposed to be very proud of our nudity.

However, nudity which is a part of all of us is being treated like something we get from somewhere on the streets not knowing what it is and we later start regretting why we took it. The best comparison you can get for this is that of walking into a shop to buy something and later on when you get home you find out that you bought something different that does not suit your purpose, and there is no way you can return it. The feeling that hits you is that of embarrassment. You can even tend to develop some feeling of hate towards yourself and refer to yourself as stupid.

The same case applies to our naked bodies. People have developed d feelings of shame and embarrassment towards their naked bodies. To some extent, it appears like somebody forced nakedness on people and they have to live with it despite not liking it like it is a form of slavery. People have chosen that the easy way around it is to cover up as much as possible to hide the naked body.

As I had mentioned earlier on the power of information, it is more than true that this negativity towards the naked human body has been created by us and is being passed from one person to the other. The beliefs that people have about nudity have been learned over the years. The general feeling about nudity is that it is a bad thing. Right from a very small age people are bombarded with negative messages about their body from even people that are very close to them such as parents, siblings and even the closest friends. What is evident in many instances is the close link that has been established between nudity and sex without any founded grounds. It is very wrong to directly conclude that what should be interpreted from the sight of a naked human body is an invitation to engage in sexual intercourse but no matter how sad that is it is the reality on the ground. On the other hand, there is an issue of what constitutes a human body that should invite attention from others regarding its size and shape. People have taught each other to believe that is the truth and that is how the society has developed deeply ingrained negative attitudes that surround the naked human body and to a greater extent affected the practice of nudism. What has come up as a result of this is the development of a poor body image in many peoples’ mind that contributes to low self-esteem and self-acceptance.

Nevertheless, there is always a positive side of things no matter how bad it might appear to be. The best thing is always to choose from picking the positives and leaving the negatives. This, however, remains easier said than done because many people choose to pick the wrong side most of the times even with the knowledge of the good side of things. To end the negativity that has surrounded nudity for a long time, there is a need to educate each other correctly about nudity. This negativity has only come up because of making people believe the wrong things about nudity. The fact is that nudity is a part of the precious human body and trying to hide it will not change that. With the technology that we have now it can be very easy to pass on a positive message about nudity so let us choose to paint a positive image around nudity.

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