My Worst Nude Experience at a Nudist Resort.

My Worst Nude Experience at a Nudist Resort.

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Life is full of surprises both good and bad and thus this is how we get to learn several things out of these situations. Life experiences are a collection of events or activities from which an individual or group may gather knowledge, opinions and skills. These life experiences can either be the best and memorable experiences that we have about a certain event that you engaged in and you would never want to forget about it. There are also a times that we have the worst experiences in life that we never even want to get associated with or even remember. This maybe as a result of one stupid thing that you did and it all left you feeling ashamed and embarrassed. Worst experiences are made of worst memories. Nobody can ever say that he or she has never had a worst experience in life since we are all humans and a man is to error, we are not perfectionists. Here is my worst experience at a nudist resort.

I had been part of the nudist movement and the nudist family for about twenty years down the line. I was the first born child to my nudist parents and thus I learnt staying naked from the time I was brought into this world. I grew up loving the fact that we were all enjoying the nudist lifestyle and thus stripping off was never a problem to me. I had got used to seeing mummy and daddy walk around the room in the buff while going about their daily activities. What impressed me most was the fact that they both acted normal and that is how I also learned to act normally even if I’m standing naked in front of a crowd. My all-time experiences were the best and I never doubted my nudist lifestyle even for a moment since it gave me a reason to smile all the time. I can attest to the fact that staying naked is freeing both to the mind and to the body because that is how I could feel all the time I’m naked.

My nudist life was one of the best lifestyles that you can ever admire since everything was just full of fun to me. I was also lucky to find a perfect match as the love of my life. My wife was simply the best and the perfect piece for me. We never struggled thinking about how we could start dating and finally begin life together since we were just the perfect match for each other. She was a hard-core nudist as I was too and that is what strengthen our relationship. We married and started off our nudist family. I thanked God because he had finally gifted me with a wonderful wife and the mother of my children. Practising nudism was part of our daily lives and we enjoyed it. Despite the fact that we were all from a nudist family or background none of us had ever been into a nudist resort or any other naturist site. This is funny isn’t? Bearing in mind that we have been part of this lifestyle for more than thirty years.

One day we decided with my wife to pay a visit to one of the nudist resorts in town so that we may have time to enjoy staying naked in the public. We were off to the destination and funny enough with our clothes on. Since we had all the freedom, my wife headed to the swimming pool and I decided on the other hand that I was going to spend my day at the clubhouse. I choose this place and not the swimming pool because I wanted a place where I could strip off my clothes and sit in the sauna for a little while as I cleanse off all the radicals that my body had stored. Since I had never been into any of these nudist public places, I entered into the clubhouse fully clothed and everybody in the room turned and stared at me.

I wondered why would people glance at me with such amused faces because I realised that everyone in the clubhouse suddenly stopped what they were doing and just stare at me. It never crossed my mind that I was the only clothed individual in that room until when I heard a small kid whisper to her mother that why is this freak the only one in clothes? It was so embracing and shyly I took of my clothes in front of them all apologizing for the disturbances that had been caused by my behaviours. The moment I dropped down my clothes, is when the rest of the people in the clubhouse embarked on their businesses. I never imagined that I was going through this and I wished that the earth would crack and swallow me alive not to see more of these.

As I stood there gathering my clothes from the floor, a guy just walked up to me to help me get off the embracement since I was still blushing and my face was full of shame. He was kind to me and all he could tell me was that this was a unique experience and I had nothing to feel ashamed of. I just took off my clothes and headed to the swimming pool where my wife was having a great time and ordered her to follow me back home. She wondered what had happen to me at the clubhouse but I was not ready to talk until when I was home. That is how I had a bad experience at a nudist resort and I swear not to go back there again.

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