How my Friend Changed My Life; amp; amp Nudist Lifestyle

How my Friend Changed My Life; amp; amp Nudist Lifestyle

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Change is inevitable in the human life, and there is no way we cannot resist some of the changes that come in our ways. Failure to change would thus mean failure to develop. As youths, we do find ourselves in a dilemma and confusion, in determining which ways are best for us or which to abandon. The best way to overcome such challenging moment is simply by taking our time and weigh the situation before making any step.

We were all uniquely created by God since what one may consider most vital in his or her life might not even ring a bell in the mind of a fellow man. Am saying this out of experience since, over the years, I have come across men and women of unique character each different and unique in a way from each other. After my high school education, I decided to move to France where I could further my studies in one of the universities. During my first days, I could see some distinct difference in the way people used to handle their things as compared to my homeland. This is because naturism is their way of life and they consider it the most suitable life experience since they have the chance to express their freedom in a better manner without being questioned by anyone.

This could not in any way be compared to America where nudity is at times considered as a sin since even the government associated nudism with sexuality all the time. This should always be clear to anyone out there that nudism and sexuality are two different things since naturism is just a way of life just like any other cultures. This can evidently be seen even in their films where the film makers mostly involve killings in their movies which at times may be scaring to most people especially small kids. Such movies cannot in any way be equated to those produced in Europe where they involve a lot of nudity in their movies and thus making them more attractive to most viewers. Such movies can attract the attention of most men and a young generation whose minds are just please on watching erotic materials now and then.

In the apartment where I was boarding, this where I meet this funny guy who introduced me matters related to nudism. From him, I got a chance to learn some of the benefits associated with nudism and how I could become a nudist as well. This guy by the name Elvis was one of the people who came from families where they were practicing nudism. This is because he used to find it too easy to just walk across almost the whole apartment naked without even displaying any sign of nervousness. The most surprising thing to me was how he could control his erection since he would at times be teased by girls while naked and I could not even observe any change in the size of his dick.

He could at times woke up early in the morning before anyone else around and could just engage in some morning exercises. For instance, he could just run across the street, undertake yoga practice or just do a little of meditation. This was one of the ways he used to keep his body fit and also attractive since he was able to curb any chances of abnormal weight gain. This is because, from a distance, one could have a clear view on the kind of a muscular body he was having as opposed to ours. Also, I came to realize that he did not spend much of his money on buying new clothes since he could just spend most of his time naked. Instead of buying clothes, he could just keep that money in his savings account for his future use.

Concerning his body healthy, he was more cautious on whatever he used to take. This is because he used to avoid heavy junks of fatty food materials which would, in turn, add more weight to his body. Having much fat in his body always forced him to engage in regular exercises which at the time he could fail to undertake as a result of a tight daily schedule. Also, drinks such as alcohol among others which usually contain loads of chemicals were not his favorite as opposed to most of us who used to like sweet tasting drinks. Large amounts of toxins in one’s body requires a lot of exercises especially running to be able body detoxification through sweating. At night, he used to sleep naked at all time and also swam while naked. This way he was able to avoid some of the red marks on the body which do develop as a result of restricted blood flow.

From the way Elvis used to handle his himself day in day out, this inspired me, and I found myself in a situation where was now yearning for a change in my life more than ever before. But how could I incorporate nudity in my life? Where could I start so that I could also turn out at the end of it all as Elvis? These were some of the questions which always kept on ring bells in my mind. Later I came to realize that taking the initiative to any task, always make some of the strange things in our lives easier than just staying behind and watching others as they make great progress in their lives.

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